• Used for high temperature heating and drying.
  • Supplied with Proportion Integral Derivative (PID) temperature control.
  • Covers a range of temperature from ambient to a desired temperature. The front loading to the furnace and the double coating provides easy access and cooler exterior surface.
  • Heating elements are supported on ceramic tubes. Important advantage of this is that the element change is very easy and economic.
  • Low thermal mass insulation leads to a very impressive heat up rate as well as efficient insulation.
  • Door is provided with a safety lock that isolates the power once it is opened.

Technical Specifications

  • Digital Thermostat and Indicator
  • Temperature control by PID
  • Power Supply: 220 - 240 V / 50 or 60 Hz (110 V / 60 Hz is also available)


  • G-050/10
  • G-050/11
  • G-050/12

Max Temperature

  • 1000°C
  • 1100°C
  • 1200°C


  • 3 lt
  • 6 lt
  • 5 lt